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What is a Website Banner?

A website banner is placed on an informative website to advertise your business or service. These banners can be both animated or static, depending on your preference. A link is then placed on the banner which will then lead to your website.

The idea of advertising your banner on another website helps in creating awareness of your company and therefore reaches therefore reaching the desired target market as well as even reaching remove even reaching new audiences to become potential clients.

If your company sells baby clothing and an invitation design company is selling website banner space. Lets say the design company has 10 000 hits per month... it is probably not normal to advertise on the invitation website as it has nothing to do with baby clothing but out of the 10 000 people who visit that site every month, there are bound to be potential clients who know people that need baby clothes etc. So it is advisable to have a look at the amount of hits the website receives every month before you decide to advertise your banner. Keep in mind that the bigger the exposure the better chance you have to maximize your advertising opportunity.

Banner Design Services

Topboss Media offers clients professional banner designs at reasonable prices! All of our Banners offer the highest quality graphics with the delivery time being prompt giving you peace of mind that you have come to the right place.

Topboss Media designers are available to create unique banner designs that you would be proud to show off!



Last Updated 27 May 2016